Frequently Asked Questions

About CINE

What does "CINE" stand for?

CINE is an acronym for Council on International Non-Theatrical Events. Since that’s our full legal name, you may see it on your receipts, invoices or statements when you submit an entry.

But we’re all friends here, so please—call us CINE.

How do you pronounce “CINE”?

We like to honor the international aspect our name: the official pronunciation is SIN-ay. But we have heard it all! Just make sure you say it with two syllables—our least favorite pronunciation is “sign.”

What are CINE’s origins?

CINE was originally formed in 1957 as a private-public partnership with the USIA branch of the State Department as a way to accredit American documentary and industrial projects for entry into film festivals around the globe. CINE-accredited films were presented to such prestigious international festivals as Venice, Berlin and Cannes. The CINE Golden Eagle Award was established as the method to choose participating films: Those selected to receive a Golden Eagle by CINE jurors were then sent to overseas festivals. For many films, this also meant possible distribution; in the era before cable and online distribution, overseas festivals often served as markets for distributors.

When did CINE stop submitting to overseas festivals?

CINE stopped submitting to overseas festivals in the mid-1990s, when the partnership with the government ended. CINE was no longer able to continue the expensive work of submitting and shipping materials to foreign festivals, many of which had also ceased to operate with the collapse of the Soviet Union. CINE’s mission shifted, and since then the Golden Eagle Awards have been presented as a symbol of peer-reviewed media excellence rather than as a conduit to overseas festivals.

How can I contact someone in the organization?

You can contact CINE staff by emailing or calling 507.400.CINE (2463).

As a policy, we do not give out personal contact information for members of our Board of Directors or Honorary Board, sponsors, jurors or reviewers. All inquiries should be directed to CINE staff.

I’d like to work for CINE. How do I apply?

We are not currently accepting applications for any staff positions, but students interested in internships can apply by emailing a resume and cover letter to You can volunteer to review Golden Eagle Award submissions here, and if you’re interested in volunteering for an event, you can email and we will contact you as opportunities become available.


How is the Golden Eagle Award different from other national honors?

CINE’s awards process is a juried system built on transparency.

Every submission is judged by members of the media industry whose professional credentials are available to view, along with their feedback, at the conclusion of the process. Our review criteria and Distinguished Jury — those who make the final selections — are published.

How has the Golden Eagle Award process changed?

Prior to 2014, CINE had two Golden Eagle Awards cycles (Spring and Fall), and both cycles were open to all professional, independent and student media makers.

Now, the CINE Golden Eagle Awards have been split into three cycles: Professional Media, Independent and Emerging Media, and Student and Youth Media. Each cycle will be held once a year.

In the past, CINE Golden Eagle Award recipients were selected on a case-by-case basis: Each project was individually evaluated and recommended for an award, so juries recommended as few or as many projects for Golden Eagle Awards as they felt merited the honor.

In 2014, CINE adopted a “nominee”/”winner” format: 3 to 5 Golden Eagle Finalists are announced in each category, with 1 CINE Golden Eagle Award winner named. By reducing the overall number of winners, we can present every Golden Eagle Award winner with a beautiful trophy—free of charge.

Who chooses Golden Eagle Award finalists and winners?

The Review Committee consists of volunteer filmmakers, producers, critics, CINE alumni and other industry professionals. They review all of the entries, and file reviews based on the published criteria. All entrants may access their reviews at the conclusion of the awards cycle.

Top-ranking projects then move to the Jury — a published list of well-known media makers, former Golden Eagle Award winners, and industry professionals. This group determines the finalists and winners.

Which cycle is best for my project?

The basic rule of thumb is that if your project was produced for a client OR has any theatrical, digital, broadcast or cable distribution deal—even if it was produced independently—it belongs in the Professional Media cycle. If your project was produced in a school program or by a teenaged (12-18) filmmaker, it belongs in our Student and Youth Media cycle. All other projects should qualify for our Independent and Emerging Media cycle.

If you have a question, email us at or call 507.400.CINE (2463) and we’ll be happy to help!

Do you provide entry fee waivers?

Discount waivers are provided to films that screen at CINE Select partner festivals, with full waivers provided to jury prize winners at those festivals: Ashland Independent Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Heartland Film, HollyShorts Film Festival, Milwaukee Film, Newport Beach Film Festival and Tallgrass Film Festival.

Otherwise, we do not provide full or partial entry fee waivers, due to the high volume of requests and in fairness to our other entrants. If this policy changes, we will publicize it to give all entrants an equal opportunity to apply for a waiver.

We know how expensive festival and awards submission fees are, but we hope you’ll still consider submitting; as one of the only awards and festivals that offers reviewer feedback, we think that you’ll find it worth your entry fee.

I don’t want to put my production online! Can I send a DVD rather than an online screener?

CINE only accepts online screeners for consideration, with rare exceptions for content that must be experienced in another setting (VR, for example). Please contact us to determine if your project requires this. Online screeners may be password-protected and are only shared with reviewers and jurors for the purposes of evaluation and award selection. We are committed to keeping your screener private to protect your copyrights and eligibility at other festivals and events.

I’d like to review films. How do I do that?

Fill out this form to tell us a little more about your background, and what categories and genres might be of interest to you.

Do I have to buy a trophy?

Beginning with the 58th Golden Eagle Awards for Professional Media (winners announced in April 2015), every Golden Eagle Award winner will be presented with a trophy. If you received a Golden Eagle Award before then, or if you received a complimentary trophy and would like to purchase additional trophies, please visit


What is CINE Films?

CINE Films is an online catalog of every CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning production. Each production will have its own page with a summary and credits, links to websites and social media, photos, and, when available, embedded trailers and full programs for viewing. CINE Films will launch in late 2016 with all Golden Eagle Award winners from 1994-2014. We’ll keep working backwards, and all winners — 1957 to present — will be listed as soon as possible.

What if there's an error in my film's listing?

Email us at and we’ll update it as soon as possible. All listings were taken from the information provided for CINE yearbooks and databases so much of this information is several years old and/or manually entered. Please excuse any typos or outdated information.

Can I add more information about my Golden Eagle Award-winning film to the CINE Films section?

Please do! Email with pictures, links or updated credits (and put your film’s title and year in the subject line). Please note that we cannot host video files, so if you’d like a trailer, clip or the full production embedded on your listing, you’ll have to provide us with a link to the video on a free and publicly-accessible site. Vimeo and YouTube are preferred. (Don’t forget to update the security settings on your video to allow the film to play on

Why isn’t my film listed on the CINE Films section?

Building the CINE Films section requires a huge amount of time, as our old yearbooks from the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s must be manually entered into our system. We expect every CINE Golden Eagle Award winner to be listed by the end of 2017, so if your film isn’t listed yet, please be patient—we’re working on it!

I want to watch one of the films, but there’s no video available on the page. Where can I watch it?

We can only embed or link to videos that were provided by the producers (with express permission), or videos that were posted online by the entity that holds the rights to it. We cannot share any video beyond this—publicly or privately—so if you’d like to see a production that is not fully available on our site, you should contact the producer or distributor.


What is CINE Celebrates?

CINE Celebrates are

Held each fall, CINE Celebrates are exclusive receptions in New York, Los Angeles and Washington, DC that honor and connect the best and most original media makers in the industry.

CINE champions storytellers with a unique vision. CINE Celebrates 2016 will honor the 59th CINE Golden Eagle Award recipients and Finalists, 2016 Marvin Hamlisch Award winning-composers, and renowned journalist Soledad O’Brien, presented with the CINE Leadership Award in Washington, DC.

Visit for more information.

How do I submit my pitch for CINE PitchFest Presented by A&E?

Visit to see complete information about this year’s application process and events.

Applications are closed for CINE PitchFest 2016, but tickets will be available for fall sessions in Washington, DC; Austin, TX; Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; and New York, NY.


What is CINE Connects?

Launching in December 2016, CINE Connects is a comprehensive program for student and emerging media makers and composers designed to provide networking, professional development and mentorship opportunities.


Am I eligible to join CINE Connects?

CINE Connects will be open to current media/film scoring students and those with less than 5 years of professional experience.

CINE Connects Mentors will be recruited from CINE’s extensive archive of CINE Golden Eagle Award-winning alumni.