Become a Judge for the Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest

The Marvin Hamlisch Film Scoring Contest is a unique and innovative way to recognize emerging composers in the field of film scoring while honoring the legacy of one of the industry’s greatest composers.

With over 600 composers from 57 countries participating, the 2016 contest was a truly global celebration of music in film.

We’re looking for insightful music and film industry professionals to help judge the 2018 Marvin Hamlisch Contest and identify these talented rising composers. If you’re interested in participating, please apply below.

Questions? Visit the FAQs below or contact us at or 507-400-CINE (2463).

Marvin Hamlisch Contest Judge Application
Composers who are registered for the current 2018 (48th Annual) Marvin Hamlisch Contest are not eligible to serve as judges.

Please provide your friend or colleague’s name and email address.

If they’ve already signed up, we’ll assign you to the same group; if they haven’t, we’ll reach out to them.


What are the guidelines of the contest?
Emerging composers were each given a CINE award-winning short film and tasked with writing and creating a score for it. For complete contest guidelines, visit the contest page.

What is the evaluation process?
Reviewers evaluate by watching the film with each composer’s score, and judging the score based on provided criteria (including musicality, technique and originality) while commenting on the score’s strengths and weaknesses. Judges will not be asked to evaluate written scores — just the audio. All scores are coded to ensure a “blind” process, and judges’ comments are provided (also anonymously) to the composers at the conclusion of the contest. 

What equipment do I need to judge?
All scores and evaluations are available through our online system, so all you need to evaluate is a computer or tablet. (And some good speakers or headphones!)

What is the timeframe and commitment?
Each judge will be asked to evaluate approximately 15-20 scores (each roughly 2-4 minutes in length), with multiple judges assigned to each score. The reviewing timeframe for the 2017 contest is late March to April.

I’ve participated as a contestant. Am I allowed to judge?
Past contestants are eligible to serve as judges, but composers who are registered for the current contest may not serve as judges.