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Download a PDF copy of our Eligibility and Rules, Categories and a Sample Entry Form.

CINE Select Partner Festivals

CINE is proud to partner with CINE Select Festivals — events that share our core values based on standards of excellence, festival history, jury award system, industry influence and audience demographics.

Jury prize winners from Select Festivals receive complimentary entry into the CINE Golden Eagle Awards.


The CINE Golden Eagle Awards for Independent & Emerging Media consider independently-produced short and feature films, episodic content, and virtual reality productions.

To be eligible for the CINE Golden Eagle Awards, a production must meet the following criteria:

  1. Film must be submitted to, have screened or be scheduled to screen at a U.S. film festival after January 2017
  2. Film may not have a commercial digital, theatrical or broadcast distribution deal at the time of entry (unless automatically nominated by a CINE Select Festival). Productions may be self-distributed.
  3. Film may not have been originally commissioned by a professional entity (client or distributor
  4. Film was not produced in a school or educational program
  5. Film must have been completed after June 30, 2016


Submissions Open:
January 8, 2018
Early Deadline:
February 16, 2018
Final Deadline:
March 30, 2018
Recipients and Finalists Announced:
June 19, 2018


Enter by
February 16, 2018
Enter by
March 30, 2018
Feature — Single Film/Program of 40:01 minutes or longer
Scripted, Documentary, and Animated
$50 by February 16, 2018
$75 by March 30, 2018
Short — Single Film/Program 40:00 minutes or less
Scripted, Documentary, and Animated
$35 by February 16, 2018
$50 by March 30, 2018
Digital Series
$35 by February 16, 2018
$50 by March 30, 2018
Virtual Reality
Scripted, Documentary, and Animated
$35 by February 16, 2018
$50 by March 30, 2018


Please select the genre and category that best represents your production, noting the following:

A DIGITAL SERIES is defined as a production of three (3) or more episodes.
When submitting, please select 2-3 episodes for submission to represent the series.
A FEATURE is defined as any film or single program of 40:01 minutes or longer.
A SHORT is defined as any film or single program of  40:00 minutes or less.


Live action comedy/drama

  • Feature
  • Short
  • Digital Series

  • Feature
  • Short
  • Digital Series

Animated comedy/drama

  • Feature
  • Short
  • Digital Series

Content presented in a 3D virtual environment for direct viewer interaction.

  • Scripted/Animation
  • Documentary

How We Select

Our evaluation system is built on transparency and accountability. Every submission is judged by members of the media industry whose professional credentials are available to view, along with their feedback, at the conclusion of the process.

Reviewers score each production using designated criteria, and select whether or not they recommend the production for a Golden Eagle Award, providing notes on the strengths of each production, its weaknesses, and why they made their recommendation.

Productions with top recommendations and the highest numerical scores in each category are submitted to the distinguished jury, who evaluate using the same criteria. Their scores and recommendations are used to identify a Golden Eagle Award recipient and up to 5 Finalists in the category, with jurors given ultimate discretion over the final selections.

CINE is committed to complete transparency in our awards selection process. No reviewer or juror will evaluate material or select finalists and award recipients in any categories in which he or she, or his or her employer, has eligible content.

Apply to Review

If you’re interested in reviewing for the CINE Golden Eagle Awards, please apply here.

Distinguished Jurors

Our Distinguished Jury is an accomplished group of industry executives, academics and filmmakers who have produced and curated exceptional content recognized throughout the industry. We are grateful to them for sharing their time and expertise, and for their commitment to helping us honor great media.

What truly sets Golden Eagle Award winners apart is our focus on originality. In the crowded media landscape, jurors and audiences want to know: What is the unique vision that your production offers? Do you present it in a creative way?



The story presents the information or plot clearly and in an engaging way, with concise, original dialogue or narration.


The entry shows creativity or innovation that makes it stand above similar productions in its genre


The entry’s resources (stated or implied) were effectively demonstrated through footage (original and archival), personnel and post-production.

Production Technique

Production values— including cinematography, graphics, score, acting and sound design — serve the story.


The film is edited at a pace that engages the audience. The entry’s length is appropriate for the content or story.


The CINE Golden Eagle Award isn’t just a trophy — it’s what comes with it.

For 60 years, CINE has proudly championed bold, innovative storytellers. When your project wins a CINE Golden Eagle Award, you join a historic network of award-winning media makers throughout the industry.

CINE honors and connects our distinguished alumni, annual Golden Eagle Award recipients and finalists, industry icons and Marvin Hamlisch Contest composers at CINE Celebrates, held each fall in New York.

View the 60th CINE Golden Eagle Award recipients and Finalists