Become a Reviewer

The CINE Golden Eagle Awards honor originality and excellence in storytelling in professional, independent and student media. Our reviewers are industry pros with an eye for unique, vibrant content and a passion for championing great storytellers.

If you would like to review media for the CINE Golden Eagle Awards, please submit the form below. See the FAQs below for more information about reviewing for the CINE Golden Eagle Awards.

Professional Background

Examples: award-winning documentary filmmaker; scriptwriter and film festival programmer; vice president of development for a broadcast network. Please avoid specific organizations or projects in your description.

Review Preferences

If you have a headset, please specify which brand/type.

Review Team

Please give your friends or colleagues' name and email address. If they’ve already signed up, we’ll assign you to the same group; if they haven’t, we’ll reach out to them.



I’ve applied! What are the next steps?
We will contact every applicant to confirm your status. If selected, we will confirm the dates of judging and follow up with complete information and judging instructions.

What does the review process entail?
Each reviewer is assigned to a category based on expertise and preference. Most categories will be available to review online and all balloting is through CINE’s online platform, so for most categories, all that’s required to evaluate is a computer and good internet connection.

What is the time commitment?
Reviewers are given approximately 4 weeks from assignment to review deadline. A typical assignment for a reviewer in a form/feature-length category is 8-10 submissions, or roughly 15 submissions in a short form category. Reviewers can judge at their own pace and schedule.

Should I view with other people?
If selected to review, you may be connected with the other reviewers on your team, and can even recommend colleagues with whom you’d like to review as a team. While you may connect with the other reviewers on your team, you aren’t required to — teams will be created based on the category and networking preferences of the reviewers. Depending on your preferences, you can review individually, or gather as a team to view, discuss and evaluate together — it’s up to you and your fellow team members. However, you will be obligated by CINE’s reviewer contract and code of ethics to keep all screeners private, and may not share them with those who are not CINE reviewers. 

Are all screeners online?
Most media is available to view online; however, certain categories may require specific gear to evaluate submissions (such as VR headsets). We will work with reviewers to assign categories to those with the equipment needed to view them, or to provide access to that equipment.

What information of mine will be shared with the entrant? Will my name or contact information be shared?
CINE will never share your name or contact information with any entrant, partner, sponsor or third party. Your review feedback will be anonymously shared with the entrants whose work you’ve evaluated along with the non-specific biographical information provided — your title/designation and years within the industry.

Are there any benefits to serving as a CINE reviewer?
Reviewers will receive exclusive benefits from CINE, our partners and sponsors, including event and application discounts, festival passes, and more.